Monday, 17 January, 2022

16 Sunni Women Prisoners Of Conscience Released From Evin Prison


Human Rights in Iran- Saturday March 28th 2020, following the release of prisoners, 16 Sunni women prisoners of conscience, incarcerated in Ward 5, Corridor 2 “Closed Door”, were released from Evin Prison. These prisoners are Sunni citizens from Kermanshah province and cities of Kordestan province who were detained in Iran by Security Forces in the course of their husbands’ surrender who had membership in ISIS.

According to the report of Human Rights in Iran, On Saturday March 28th 2020, 16 Sunni women prisoners of conscience, jailed in Ward 5, Corridor 2 (Closed Door) located in Evin Prison who were detained in Iran by Security Guards, serving the sentence with their children in this Ward of prison, followed by a directive of Judiciary announced to Kermanshah province, were released on a parole and returned to their living region. They were arrested during the time their husbands had given up themselves in Iran to Security Guards on the charge of membership and involvement with Jihadist groups.

Quoted from an informed civilian source, while talking to the reporter of Human Rights in Iran, it was said: ” All these 16 prisoners of conscience were prisoned with their children since 2016 on the charge of membership and involvement with Jihadist groups named “ISIS”, which after their husbands were killed in Iraq they had been transferred by Security Forces to Tehran, then during the interrogation process and hearing by Revolutionary Court in Tehran, they were sentenced to serve 3 years in prison.

This close source also added: ” During the time these 16 prisoners of conscience were serving their conviction, regarding the point that they were serving their prison with their young child’s in an isolated an a very severe condition, they were under a strict security surveillance which an instance of imposed constraints on these conscience prisoners is their prevention of calling just once per week, while the other prisoners had the permission for three times of calling to their families in a week.

This informed close source continued: ” Because the Government had no access to these women’s husbands who were accused of collaboration with Islamist groups, specifically ISIS, it had put them with their young children under pressure in order that these women would cooperate with Security Organizations, or their husbands would introduce and surrender themselves to Security Organizations.

These 16 Sunni women prisoners of conscience are released on parole based on directive asserted by Judicial System to release political and conscience prisoners with 5 years of discretionary imprisonment and/or less. On Tuesday March 17th 2020, considering the nationwide spread of corona virus and regarding the New Year and religious celebrations, Ali Khamenei (leader) approved the grant for parole on prisoners jailed in country prisons that was sent him via a letter by the head of Judiciary.

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