Tuesday, 27 September, 2022

19 cases of attempted suicide among students of Neishabur


Human Rights in Iran – Monday, August 29, 2022 , Due to poverty, lack of educational space and lack of access to educational facilities, 19 students attempted suicide in Neishabur city.

According to the report of human rights in Iran, quoted by Rokna, on Sunday, August 28, 2022, Alireza Kelidari, director of education in Neyshabur, announced that 19 students in the first and second secondary schools attempted to commit suicide during the past 1 year in the schools of this city.

“During the past year, 19 cases of unsuccessful suicide attempts were recorded among the students of Neishabur, none of which resulted in death, and 5 of them were related to family issues and the rest to It was for show and to get points, and most of these cases were in the first and second secondary education level.”, The general director of Ministry of Education education in Neishabor city said in explaining this news.

The official in Neishabur Ministry of Education also said: “The Neishabur Education Organization is 48% short of staff and in this organization it has 1,948 staff and 881 classes. Also, there are 59 dilapidated and old schools in Neishabur, with 323 classrooms and there are 6,536 students and 25,840 square meters of infrastructure of these, 11 are urban and the rest are rural.

“There are 453 government schools, 64 non-government schools, and 19 trustee schools in Neishabur, and in 2021, a population equal to 80,000 students were studying in Neishabor, and 2,000 new students are expected for the new academic year.”, Kelidari said.

He stated: “In 2021, 28 plans were put into operation at the same time in the education and training organization of Neishabur, and this year, 183 classrooms are being implemented in the form of 45 plans with a credit of 64 billion Tomans, and 16 schools in Neishabur need gas supply.”

The increase in poverty, lack of life expectancy, lack of employment market and social constructive activities for citizens, security and social repressions, extensive deprivations due to mismanagement in the country are among the reasons for the increase in suicide in Iran.

Deprivation of the right to life expectancy and the lack of social security of citizens is expanding while Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights emphasizes the right of individuals to enjoy adequate social security.

Also, in the proposed goals of the UNESCO 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (SDGs : Sustainable Development Goals), the right of all human beings to enjoy a healthy and standard living environment, appropriate to their dignity and human position, has been explicitly highlighted. But in Iran, after the approval of this document, due to the opposition of Ali Khamenei and his announcement with the sentence that “gentlemen signed a document without our permission”, he removed its implementation from the agenda for the development of the country and strongly opposed it.

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