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A number of lawyers complained to the interrogator issuing a telegram blocking order


Human Rights in Iran – 7 Human rights Lawyers lodged a complaint against the Interrogator of Media and Culture Prosecutor’s Office,Branch 2 for filtering Telegram Messenger.

According to Human Rights in Iran, Arash Keikhosravi,Abouzar Nasrollahi,Javad Parsa,Saeid Dehghan, Mohammad Moghimi and Payam Dorafshan, seven Human rights Lawyers, after their attendance in the Court for investigation the crimes of Government employees complained against the Interrogator of Media and Culture Prosecutor’s Office,Branch 2,because of the issuance of the sentence for Telegram Filtering.
This complaint is done under the title of “restricting the personal freedom of individuals in the country and depriving the people of their rights based on the Constitution that is exerted after a general order and beyond the qualification of the Interrogator.

Also a few days before Zeinab Taheri,the Judiciary lawyer had made a complaint against the Interrogator of Media and Culture Prosecutor’s Office,Branch 2.
In an interview with Borna News Agency,she had said that the filtering of Social Medias is not in the area of prosecutor’s devolution.As Mrs. Taheri said the persons who did business via Telegram,because of losing their job after the sentence of Telegram filtering ,can complain about their case against the Special Court of Government employees.

Also some jurists have affirmed that an Interrogator with clear responsibility and definite legal field can not make decision for a population of 80 millions.

The Officials of Media and Culture Court,in the evening of Monday,April 30,2018 had demanded thorough an order that the Telegram Messenger would be banned so that the contents of this messenger could not be accessible over the country by any application (such as VPN and apps like them).

The accusation of the Deputy of Judiciary against the opposers of Telegram filtering:

During the recent days,Hassan Rouhani,the President of Iran and some other Members of Parliament protested against the filtering of Telegram.

Meanwhile on Sunday,Hadi Sadeghi,the Cultural Assistant of Judiciary criticized the positioning of the President and some members of Cyberspace Supreme Council and expressed that they “do not realize the background causes of Telegram filtering.”

He added:”Are those opposers dealing with Telegram Manager?We do not know for sure,we do not accuse any one,but this is the question obsessing our minds.”

Also the Judiciary Assistant said:”All are bound to administrate the enactment of Cyberspace Supreme Council.”

The statements of Mr. Sadeghi are asserted while the filtering of Telegram in Iran is done based on the sentence of Media and Culture Court in Tehran,and there is not any mention to the sentence of Cyberspace Supreme Council enactment.

In the meantime,on Saturday,March 17,2018 Mohammad Hossein Pour,the Director of Public Relations in National Center of Cyberspace in Iran,denied the reports of determining a time by Cyberspace Supreme Council enactment for Telegram filtering.

Also based on the talks of the Parliament Hope (Omid) Fraction Spokesman, Gholam Hossein Mohseni Exhei,Judiciary Spokesman in the meeting of this fraction had avowed that the filtering of Telegram had been done on request of Cyberspace Supreme Council.

At the same time,Bahram Parsaei notified that Mohseni Ezhei’s explanations were not justifiable for Hope (Omid) Fraction members and they believe that the reasons of Telegram filtering should be explained clearly to the people.

By releasing a text in his Instagram page,Hassan Rouhani (the President) has implied that the filtering of Telegram is done under the order of Islamic Republic leader.
He had written if a decision is made by the highest State of Government for restricting or banning the public communication,the real owners of the country i.e the people should be informed of the policies.

Also on Sunday the President of Iran reproved the made limitation on Cyberspace and said:”We will not obtain any result by filtering and by posing pressure on the young generation.”

He affirmed: “Our people do not accept compulsion” and “for any action we must justify the people and the public opinion.”

At the same time Ali Motahhari,the Deputy Speaker of Parliament said on Monday that if the Islamic Republic has offered any order for Telegram filtering “the reasons should be explained.”

However,Naser Mousavi Largani,the Parliament Representative of Falavar jan,on Sunday critically mentioned to Hassan Rouhani’s writing (Instagram page) “What is the relevance of Telegram to the Supreme Leader that Rouhani says the first authority of the country should be questioned?”

Telegram is the most favorable Messenger in Iran and more than 40 millions are its subscribers.As well as according to the talks of the Officials tens of thousands are leading their lives via this Messenger,but their business is endangered because of the filtering.

The Medias,Officials,and Fundamentalists always promote that the users subscribe to the local messengers,but because of the lack of security and violation of personal privacy in these messengers a few numbers welcome them.

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