Friday, 21 January, 2022

A prisoner died in Central Prison of Urmia because of his deprivation of treatment right


Human Rights in Iran – On Wednesday March 25th 2020, Hassan Javadi, charged with drugs transportation and storage, who was jailed in Central Prison of Urmia died following his deprivation of treatment services.

According to Human Rights in Iran, Hassan Javadi aged 47, sentenced to life Imprisonment in 2004 on the charge of drugs, who was serving his conviction in prison, lost his life because of a cardiac arrest. Despite his history of heart disease, this prisoner was deprived of medical leave and dispatching to specialty heart medical center out of the prison.

Based on this reportage- Hassan Javadi aged 47, sentenced to life Imprisonment in 2004 on the charge of drugs transportation and storage, after a heart attack was sent to the dispensary of Central Prison in Orumieh, dying there followed by a “cardiac arrest”. Upon the announcement of the officials in the dispensary of Central Prison in Orumieh his dead body was referred to Forensic Medical for certification of death process cycle.

Deprivation of prisoners’s treatment right in Iran, is one of many instances of Human Rights violation, which is repeatedly noted by Special Rapporteurs on Human Rights in Iran.

Prisoners jailed in Iran prisons face an expanded range of Human Rights violations. The violations are evidently conspicuous on one hand in their limitations on a fair trial emphasized in Article 10 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and on another hand in various kinds of diseases and damages threatening them from the beginning of their imprisonment and also on the other hand in continuous cases filed against these prisoners.

The individuals’s accessibility to medicine and health care facilities is one of the instances accentuated in Article 25 Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) that spotlights the persons to deserve the social rights accessibility such as health, treatment, food, housing and social providing facilities during their unemployment, illness period, deformity and handicap, widowhood, oldness or any other situation in which the persons are incapable to earn and lead a respectable living, however the wrathful misbehavior by Security and Judicial Organizations towards these Iranian citizens and filing accusations against their requests is an obvious example of Human Rights violation in Iran.

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