Tuesday, 20 October, 2020

A report from the Sheiban and Sepidar prisons in Ahwaz on the day after the protests in these prisons


Human Rights in Iran – On Wednesday April 1st 2020, after the violent attack of Security Forces to brigade 5 of Sheiban Prison in Ahwaz, some of prisoners jailed in this brigade were transferred to an unknown location. Also up to this moment the number of killed persons in the protest by prisoners who are kept in Sepidar Prison of Ahwaz reaches to 18. Previous day the prisoners who are prisoned in Sheiban Prison of Ahwaz, held a mass protest because of their deprivation of the leave right, and due to their lack of accessibility to health care essentials in order to sterilize their environment against corona virus, however they were severely assaulted and beaten by the attack of the Guards and their use of firearms.

According to the reportage of Human Rights in Iran- On Wednesday April 1st 2020, just one day after the mass protestations by prisoners held in Sheiban Prison of Ahwaz, the death toll of prisoners has risen to 18. It is predicted that probably there will be an increase in the number of victims. Also the families of these prisoners in Sheiban Prison of Ahwaz have crowded in front of the prison, distressed at the situation of their sons and their family members.

Based on the announcement of Karim Fahimi, Human Rights activist: ” Last night, after the entrance of IRGC and Basij Forces to Central Prison of “Sheiban” in Ahwaz, all the prisoners in brigade 5 of this prison were taken to the yard section and had spent whole the night there up to the morning under the most oppressive misbehaves. Mohammad Ali Amouri, Seyyed Yaber Al Boshouke and Seyyed Mokhtar Al Boshouke, the residents of “Khalifeh” Ramshir county which their death penalty on the charge of Enmity against God (Moharebeh) was changed to life Imprisonment, after the attack of Security Guards to brigade 5 of this prison were moved to an unknown location. In addition some prisoners of brigades 7 and 6 in “Sheiban” Central Prison of Ahwaz are killed and injured, that are sent to hospital of Ahwaz.

This Human Rights activist, about the killed persons also said: ” The number of persons who were killed by Security Guards’ direct shotguns during the protests and conflicts in Sheiban Prison of Ahwaz rises up to 18, and it is predicted that the death toll may increase. These victims were shot to death by Security Guards who were located on the roofs and had taken all parts of the prison under their dominance. Seyyed Reza Khorsan ” Moghinemi “, aged 30, married, from Dashte Azadegan, Khafajieh city, Mohammad Salamat, aged 25, from Kouye Mash’ali, Ahwaz city, Mohammad Tamouli Tarfi, 25 years old prisoner, Lafteh’s son sentenced in 2018 to serve 7 years in prison and charged with family conflict, and also Amin Abiat, Abdollah’s son from Ahwaz are some of killed prisoners in a protest of Sheiban Central Prison of Ahwaz on Tuesday March 31st 2020.

It should be noted that on Tuesday March 31st 2020, the prisoners jailed in Sheiban Prison of Ahwaz had held their second day of mass protests followed by their deprivation of the leave right, likewise their inaccessibility to health care essentials and disinfectants to sterilize their environment against coronavirus, however they were suppressed by Security Guards that used firearms on the prisonesrs. The Security Guards laid seige all around the prison and started to shoot with their guns also used tear gas.

Also at the late hours on Monday March 30th 2020, following the mass protests held in the prisons of the country, some prisoners kept in brigade 2 of Sepidar Prison in Ahwaz, hadsl staged a protest due to their deprivation of citizenship rights such as their inaccessibility to health care essentials, their leave right and other prisoners’ rights.

In the course of the recent weeks, regarding the widespread of coronavirus and its expanded infection among the prisoners in country prisons, and considering the group life of these citizens in infected environments, likewise their vast restrictions on health care essentials, and the lack of accessibilty to medical services and treatment in the dispensaries of the country prisons, these Items have been the cause of a wave of protests by prisoners.

Individuals’ accessibilty to medical and health care facilities is one of the instances accentuated in Article 25 Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), that spotlights the persons to deserve the social rights accessibilties such as health, treatment, food, housing, clothing and social providing facilities in the time of unimployment, illness, deformity and handicap, widowhood, oldness or any other situation in which the persons are incapable to earn and lead a respectable life.

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