Tuesday, 24 November, 2020

“A reportage on the situation of Political Prisoners, jailed in the Central Prison of Karaj”


Human Rights In Iran – On Monday, March 23, 2020, Political prisoners jailed in Central Prison of Karaj who are 13, serving their convictions on the charges such as Insulting the leadership or propaganda against the System are deprived of so many things like inaccessibility to medicine and treatment, unsuitable poor quality of food, unmannered behave by the officials of prison and the lack of enough space to accommodate the prisoners. After being sentenced to a discretionary imprisonment by Revolutionary Court in Karaj and its confirmation by Court of Appeals in Alborz province, the political prisoners are transferred to Karaj Central Prison to serve their convictions. Only in some special cases prisoners like Mahdi Farahi Shandiz are exiled to this prison.

According to Human Rights in Iran, On Monday, March 23, 2020, Central Prison of Karaj which is located on the northern side of Ghezel Hesar (Red Fence) Prison in Alborz province is keeping thirteen political prisoners because of their charges on Insulting the leadership and propaganda against the System. Prisoners jailed in this prison face an expanded range of limitations such as inaccessibility to health care and unsuitable treatment and lack of enough accommodation. Considering that the Principle of Separation for Crimes is disgarded, the political prisoners are held among the other non-political dangerous prisoners serving their sentences in sections where there are all kinds of drugs and there exist insects like bedbugs and lice.

Quoted from a source close to these civilians speaking to Human Rights in Iran, “Political prisoners held in Central Prison of Karaj ward 6, encounter the lack of sufficient rooms to serve their convictions in prison, and regarding the failure in Separation of Crimes asserted in the regulations of Prisons Organizations, the capacity of the rooms is run out and consequently half of these prisoners so-called Homeless spend the nights up to the morning in summer and winter seasons, out in the yard space.”

This informed source also said: “Of course the situation is the same in other wards of this prison and if it is to give a more detailed description of some instances, I should say about the substandard condition of food, lack of propriate health care and treatment, existence of some insects such as bedbug and louse named Gebel, that cause the prisoners skin diseases. Moreover sanitary facilities to supply medicine and physician are limited and the prisoners often should wait for their turns up to four weeks to be dispatched to the dispensary.

This informed source while talking of other difficulties in Central Prison of Karaj said: “Considering the non observation for the Principle of Crimes Separation, political prisoners are kept among the prisoners with the charges of armed robberies, murder and other non-political offenses, and the management of these corridors are under the dominance of persons who are called “Bruiser”. These bruisers are selected among st those non-political prisoners and they behave very improperly to the others and sometimes physical conflicts leading to beatings and assaults happen in the wards of this prison. These bruisers act like Mafia in entrance and distribution of all kinds of drugs and other contraband’s like cold weapons into all wards of this Mafia prison. The shocking point is the advocacy of prison officials for these persons!”

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