Wednesday, 31 May, 2023

Amnesty International’s annual report on human rights violations in Iran


Human Rights in Iran – Amnesty International, by publishing a detailed report, described the widespread process of human rights violations in Iran.

According to the report of human rights in Iran, today, Tuesday, March 28, 2023, Amnesty International published its annual report, analyzing the Situation of human rights in Iran.

This international human rights organization, in this report, refers to the widespread and violent suppression of citizens during the nationwide protests of 2022 in Iran, violation of the rights of religious minorities, suppression and extra-legal arrests, deprivation of women and girls from equal rights, suppression freedom of expression, issuing Death sentences and Unjustice executions against citizens, the torture of detainees with the intention of obtaining forced confessions has been criticized and explained in this report.

The text of Amnesty International’s report follows

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