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A Report On The Situation Of Vida Rabbani, A Jurnalist Detain In Evin_Prison


Human Rights in Iran – Friday, October 14, 2022 – Vida Rabbani, a journalist incarcerated in Evin Prison, is deprived of the basic rights of a defendant.

According to Human Rights in Iran, Vida Rabbani, a journalist and media activist detain in Evin Prison, is denied the right to contact or visit her family and is in an undecided state. The journalist was sentenced to five years in prison in August of this year for her first judicial case.

“Although it has been a long time since my daughter was arrested, we have not yet been able to visit her and are in concern. I also spoke to her lawyer, about Vida’s condition and he said she had failed to meet with her.”, according to Fatemeh Mohajeri, Vida Rabbani’s mother.

Vida Rabbani’s mother also added: “my daughter’s lawyer, said that nothing had been done and that we had not yet been allowed to meet her (Vida). At least men (the authorities) let my daughter speak to her own lawyer. When my child (daughter) called me on September 23, she said that she had not even left the house with her husband. Then we noticed that the men (security forces) had broken the anti-theft door and took my daughter to prison in handcuffs.

Vida Rabbani’s mother, while protesting the violent treatment of security forces when her daughter was arrested, said: “My question is, why do they break the door of a journalist who hasn’t even left the house and transfer her to prison? Does the privacy of individuals have no legal respect? How oppressed are the people of Iran that a journalist in this country who has done nothing but fulfill her duties, is treated like this?”

It should be noted that Vida Rabbani was arrested on September 24, 2022, at the same time as nationwide protests, following a violent raid by security forces on her home and breaking into the anti-theft door of her home and was transferred to Evin Prison.

The journalist and media activist was tried in Tehran’s Revolutionary Court during several trials. The last session of which took place on February 26, 2022, she was sentenced to five years in prison in July 2022 on charges of “insulting Islamic sanctities in cyberspace”, four years imprisonment on charges of “assembly and collusion with the intention of committing a crime against the security of the country”, eight months on charges of “propaganda against the state”, and eight months on charges of “disturbing public order”. She was also sentenced to 5 years of bans on membership and activities on social media, political parties and socio-political groups. This sentence was upheld by Branch 36 of the Appeals Court of Tehran province in August 2022, and by applying Article 134 of the Islamic Penal Code, the punishment for five years imprisonment for this political activist is final.

This journalist and political activist was arrested on Nov23, 2019 by Security Forces of the Intelligence Department, and after being transferred to Ward 209 of this security organization in Evin Prison and going through the stages of interrogation and investigation and uncertainty, she was released on December 20, 2019 on bail.

Veda Rabbani was previously arrested by security forces on Jan 15, 2020, for allegedly participating in protests against the IRGC’s firing of a Ukrainian airline passenger flight and had been released the same day.

The repression of citizens and the designation of accusations based on the scenario of security agencies violates Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Article 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, adopted on December 16, 1966.

In addition, the right to a fair trial by an impartial judge, interrogator, and investigator is among the rights highlighted in Article 10 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The impossibility of the accused to have access to a lawyer, as well as denying the person access to other necessities in a judicial process, violates Article 9 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Article 9 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, adopted on December 16, 1966.

In Article 5 of the Criminal Procedure Law, it is emphasized on informing the accused as soon as possible about the alleged charges and providing the right of access to a lawyer and other defense rights mentioned in the law.

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