Tuesday, 24 November, 2020

Ashraf Nafarieh, was released temporarily on bail


Human Rights in Iran – On May 3th 2020, Ashraf ” Roghayeh” Nafarieh, a Twitter activist, incarcerated in women’s ward of Qarchak Prison in Varamin, was released temporarily on a bail until the completion of her trial.

According to Human Rights in Iran, on Sunday, May 3th 2020, Ashraf ” Roghayeh ” Nafarieh, Twitter activist and a citizen residing in Shahriar, jailed in the women’s ward of Qarchak Prison in Varamin, was released temporarily a 500-million Tomans bail up to the completion of her hearing proceedings.

As reported, after the interrogation and being convicted, a bail of 600 million Tomans was determined for Ashraf Nafarieh, however after reducing it to a bail of 500 million Tomans, she afforded it for her release.

It should be noted that Ashraf ” Roghayeh ” Nafarieh, Twitter activist and a mathematics student in Khajeh Nasir (K. N.) Toosi University (in Tehran), living in Ali Shahavaz area in Shahriar, after the arrest by Security Police agents was taken to the Prosecutor’s Office for interrogation, and then was transferred to the women’s ward in Qarchak Prison in Varamin.

The suppression of social media activists and the imposition of restrictions on their civil rights are among the most flagrant human rights violations of freedom of expression illustrated in UDHR article 19.

Individuals have the right to access a fair trial by an impartial tribunal, as enshrined in international human rights instruments, as well as article 10 of the UDHR and article 14 of ICCPR.

Article 5 of the Criminal Procedure Code stipulates that the accused shall be informed of the charges and provide access to a lawyer as soon as possible. Other defensive rights are mentioned in law, but extrajudicial actions taken by the security services violate the laws that they themselves drafted and claim to be enforced.

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