Tuesday, 20 October, 2020

Atallah Zafar, Baha’i citizen released with bail


Human rights in Iran – the past few days, “ Atallah Zafar”, a Baha’i resident of Tehran long ago, after searching his home had been arrested by the security forces to temporarily bail and was released from custody until the completion of proceedings. 

According to Human Rights in Iran on Wednesday, Persian date Mehr 24 months of 1398, “Atallah Zafar”, days citizen Baha’is in Tehran, previously in charge of intelligence ministry to house him after searching his home, detained in solitary confinement for security 209 of Evin prison was due to the completion of interrogation temporary bail and was released from custody until the completion of proceedings. On 5 October this year Ministry of Intelligence agents operating in unison raided the houses of a number of Baha’i resident of Tehran and Karaj inspected the homes of the citizens, and in the meantime Atallah Zafar Abbas Taif, two Baha’i citizens to were arrested. 

Quoted a source close to “Atallah Zafar” in dialogue with the Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in Iran said A. Zafar, a Baha’i resident of Tehran, dated 5 October this year by the Ministry of Information in his home he was arrested later during interrogation and complete cases on 24 October 1398, with bail until his trial, was released from Evin prison. 

The source also said, “Atallah Zafar”, because heart disease during periods when in the custody of the Ministry of Information lived and due to family stress this land Baha’i and follow-up pensions that did were able to positively judicial authorities were arrested and turned him on bail after posting bail the last seven Baha’i citizen released Wednesday. 

It should be noted previously, on 5 October 1398, houses 5 Baha’i named “waliullah Ghadamian”, “B Asadollahzadeh” that notes handwritten by the Baha’is and one Baha’i with the last name “Atallah Zafar “, the Baha’is after searching his home by security agents arrested along with the houses of two other Baha’is by the security forces was inspected and security officers in plain clothes were dressed in some personal items from the homes of the Baha’i citizens seized . 

Baha’i citizens, according to the directive of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution are among religions without citizenship rights in Iran.

 Oppression of the Baha’is of Iran in violation of international human rights instruments including  Article 2 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights  as well as Article  18  and  19  of this document prestigious international as well as  Article 18 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights  as well.

Citizens also have the right to a fair hearing by an impartial tribunal such as emphasized in  Article 10 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights  is.

 In Article 5 of the Code of Criminal Procedure the accused informed promptly of the charges and provide a right of access to a lawyer. The defense also emphasized other rights in law but illegal treatment by the security organs that violate the rules themselves were Editor and claim to act on it. 

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