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Corona Combatting Headquarters: Until further notice releasing of any newspaper and journal will be forbidden


Human Rights in Iran- On Sunday March 29th 2020, based on a decision by Corona virus Combating Headquarters, publication of any form of press such as newspapers and monthlies were forbidden during the time of fighting against corona virus. This decision in Iran is made while in another countries which are fighting against the disease there is not any sign of a decision like this.

According to the reportage of Human Rights in Iran- On Sunday March 29th 2020, following the pressure and suppression of Freedom of Speech and Ideology in Iran, after the decision by Corona virus Combating Headquarters, up to the end of fighting against this disease and the period of social distance i.e. quarantine, publishing any kind of press, magazines and newspapers was declared forbidden.

Based on this report: ” Upon this decision by governmental committee, in order to perform the regulation of social distance i. e. quarantine, up to the end of this period due to the necessity of the activities by journalists and the press staff, publishing any kind of papers and newspapers will be forbidden.”

This governmental committee asked the Publication Assembly Unit to utilize their potentiality on Social Medias.

After the reactions against the decision of governmental Headquarters to control corona virus, Abbas Abdi, the head of Journalists Association Unit in Tehran province, considered the prevention of paper publication up to the end of coronations crisis as a strike on publication foundation.

Moreover, in Telegram Channel of Journalists Association Unit quoted from Abdi, It was written: ” Also newspapers already had been weakened, however the continuity of this situation is another strike on publication foundation.”

“The paper press publishers are experiencing their minimum activities and if it is to be worsened, it is conspicuous what will happen.” Abbas Abdi added.

Abbas Abdi described the situation of social medias In Iran strictly lawless according to the rules of the authors’ copyright, and considered the forcing of publication press agents to write on social medias as an abuse and violation for the rights of writers, rapporteurs and news agencies and likewise putting disadvantages to them.

Also the head of Journalists Association Unit expressed that regarding to the untruthfulness of IRIB, in the absence of newspapers, the false unreal news about COVID-19 will be increased.

The decision by Corona virus Combating Headquarters was taken, reached and affirmed when the offered censuses, and the reports of the officials in Health Ministry had been encountered an ambiguity due to the nationwide infections to this pandemic slaughterer virus, based on the executions and announced figures by the authorities.

The suppression of publication agencies and media activists is a violation mentioned in Article 19 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well and in Article 19 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights adopted on December 16th 1966 that emphasizes on individuals rights to express their thoughts and ideas regardless of boundary limitations.

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