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Four media activists in Shahrood sentenced to imprisonment and fines


Human Rights in Iran – On Monday, March 18th 2020, Branch 104 of Criminal Court 2 in Shahrood province with the adjudication a verdict condemned four Media activists Mahdi Ameri, Reza Zolfaghari, Mostafa Sharif and Mohammad Hossein Nademi to discretionary imprisonment and monetary fines.

According to the reportage of Human Rights in Iran, on Wednesday, March 18th 2020, the Branch 104 of Criminal Court 2 in Shahrood province condemned Mahdi Ameri, reporter and the director of Shahrood News, Jarchi and the Assembly of social media activists Telegram channel to serve 19 months in prison that 13 months of this sentenced imprisonment period should be operated.

Also based on the verdict adjudicated by Branch 104 of Criminal Court in Shahrood province Reza Zolfaghari and Mohammad Hossein Nademi, other two of Media activists and of directors of Shahrood News and the Assembly of Social Media Activists Telegram channel were condemned to pay a momentary fine of 18 million Rials.

Also in this case, Mostafa Sharif, the reporter and Telegram activist residing in Shahrood province who in companion of three others, manages Shahrood News, Jarchi and the Assembly of Shahrood Social Media Activists Telegram channels, was sentenced to pay a 40 million Rials of momentary fine with the moratorium to pay half of the mentioned fine in two years.

The reason for the issuance of above mentioned convictions on these four Media activists and the reporter is concerned to the continuous disconnection of water supplying system in Shahrood province for citizens during the summer of last year, that after the censure of citizens against the authorities of the province, the governor of this province lodged a complaint in Judiciary, filing a case against these four reporters.

Ebrahim Raeesi, the head of Judiciary,on Sunday November 3th 2019, by his presence at the meeting of Human Rights Supreme Council in Islamic Republic of Iran which was held in attendance of Ali Shamkhani and Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ezhei, two of senior members in Judiciary and in the Supreme National Security Counci of IRI, mentioned the Islamic Republic regime under the title of a government that structurally is rooted in accordance with Human Rights Principles.

Likewise Ali Khamenei,Islamic Republic leader, in his talks has acclaimed for times that NO citizen in Iran is being prosecuted for their criticism, however the compulsory and ruthlessly suppressions and the wide expanse of security conditions and atmosphere in Iran reveals the obvious fact, accentuating the point that the govrnmental rulers in Iran are the biggest staff of sophistry, casuistry and arbitrary interpretation.

The suppression of Media activists is the violation of International Documents of Human Rights (IIHR), Article 19 Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), as well as Article 19 of International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) adopted in December 16th 1966, that highlights the individuals deserve the right to release their opinions and ideas without any boundary constraints.

In Article 5 of Criminal Procedure Code it is emphasized on the culprit’s immediate justification of his/her imposed accusation and the right for accessibility to lawyer and other mentioned defense rights in law.
But extrajudicial clashes done by Security Organizations violate the regulations that they themselves legislated and are just pretending their acting on law!

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