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Beatings and the hunger strike of a prisoner in Bukan province


Human Rights in Iran – Saturday, June 13th 2020/ Azad “Ja’far” Saeedi, a prisoner accused of “transporting and storing drugs”, imprisoned in ward 2 of Bukan Prison (W Azerbaijan) went on a hunger strike in protest of his deprivation of leave right.

According to Human Rights in Iran, on Monday, June 8th 2020, Azad “Ja’far ” Saeedi, a prisoner accused of drug-related offenses, imprisoned in ward 2 of Bukan Prison (W Azerbaijan), went on a hunger strike in protest of his continued deprivation of the right to leave. This prisoner is sentenced to a total of 25 years in prison and has been behind bars since 2014.

According to an informed source: “Azad “Ja’far” Saeedi, a prisoner sentenced to 25 years in prison, went on a hunger strike on Monday, June 8th 2020 to protest against the suspension of his leave right and the pressures by the manager of Bukan Prison.”

The well-informed source continued: “Azad “Ja’far” Saeedi was beaten last week along with 3 other inmates by Habib Mohammadi, the manager of Bukan Prison and under his order all requests and the temporary leave of all prisoners kept in ward 2 is canceled till the further notice.”

Azad “Ja’far” Saeedi, a resident of Bukan county around Kurdistan province, was arrested 6 years ago by Law Enforcement forces on charge of “transporting and storing drugs” and after the interrogation process was sentenced by the court to serve 25 years in prison.

Regardless of the crimes, all the prisoners of any accusation deserve some rights which are enriched in international law and Human Rights instruments. Article 5 o Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) explicitly emphasizes the right of individuals deserving of their dignity and human honour. 

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