Friday, 25 September, 2020

Intelligence agents arrest a number of emerging mystical activists in Ardebil


Human Rights in Iran, During the past days, Following the raid by Ardabil Intelligence Service agents, some of the Members of Emerging Mystics in the province were arrested after searching homes and recording personal belongings, and were transferred to the security prison for interrogation and completion of the case.

According to Human Rights in Iran, Report from Ilna, A group of members emerging mystics in Ardebil province have been arrested following an onslaught by intelligence officials in the city and after searching homes and confiscating personal items such as several books and other items, to interrogate and complete the case for referral to the detention center. Security moved.

According to Nasser Atebati, the Chief of Justice  in Ardebil province was arrested by the efforts of the judiciary and intelligence services of two emerging sect members.

The security official also claimed; These members obtained illegitimate property through training courses based on falsehoods. It had no rational, religious or legal basis, and he claimed that it would divert the fate and lives of people unaware of the subject.

The chief justice of Ardebil province continued his allegations;This action trapped people and led them to the edge of the abyss, launching new concepts with false and emerging mysticism among them, and pursuing their own sinister goals.

Atbati pointed out; The prosecution process is ongoing and a considerable amount of evidence is currently being seized by the group for its own purposes, and the defendants have confessed to the charges and unlawful acts they have committed.

Repression of religious dissent occurs while Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as Article 18 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, reserves the right to dissent and to change religion and to practice any religion.

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