Wednesday, 20 October, 2021

Iranian Resistance Calls For Release Of Political Prisoners Arrested In 2018


Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) has announced the names of 29 political prisoners arrested in 2018/2019, calling on the international human rights organizations to take immediate action for the release of the detainees and to visit the regime’s prisons and to meet political prisoners.

This came after Mahmoud Alavi, the regime’s Minister of Intelligence, announced that “over the past year, 116 teams related to PMOI/MEK have been dealt with.”

Emphasizing that arrests of last year were much more than the figures given by the regime, the NCRI said: “the mullahs’ regime should publish the names of all those arrested.”

In this regard, the PMOI published the names of 29 detainees of 2018/2019 still in jail, and calls for urgent international action for their release:

Farshad Etemadifar, 24, Gachsaran, June 2018
Omid Javid Nasab, 20, Gachsaran, June 2018
Farshad, 21, Gachsaran, June 2018
Farshid Baharan, 21, Yasouj, Khordad 2018
Mehrzad Baharan, 27, Yasouj, June 2018
Amir Ramin Fard, 38, Tabriz, June 2018
Shahyad Ghanavati, 32, Ahvaz, September 2018
Afshin Barzegar Jamshidi, 29, September 2018
Majid Mahmoudian, 37, Tabriz, September 2018
Mohammad Reza Hasan Maleki, 33, Semnan, October 2018
Zarir Hadipour, 56, Kohdasht, October 2018
Farhang Khorshidi, 41, Kohdasht, October 2018
Alireza Barzegar, 40, Karaj, October 2018
Pouriya Vahidian, Tehran, November 2018
Manoochehr Farhadi, 50, Isfahan, February 2019
Seyyed Mehdi Vafaie, 35, Tehran, February 2019
Hossein Noori Derakhshan, 36, Tehran, February 2019
Hamid Kashani, Ghaemshahr, February 2019
Vahid Bani Ameriyan, 26, Tehran, March 2019
Pooya Ghobadi, 26, Tehran, March 2019
Sina Zahiri, 36, Tehran, March 2019
Mohsen Farid, 44, Tehran, March 2019
And 24. Parsa Sedighi Hamedani, 22, with her sister, Urmia, March 2019
Ebrahim Khalil Sedighi Hamedani, Urmia, 60, March 2019
Afshin Shahsavari, 27, Tehran, March 2019
Abbas Shahbazi, 41, Ahvaz, March 2019
Najah Anvar Hamidi, 60, Ahvaz, March 2019
Najah Anvar Hamidi, 60, Ahvaz, March 2019

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