Friday, 23 July, 2021

Milad Arsanjani, convicted to 7 years imprisonment


Human Rights in Iran – On Friday 28th of March 2020 the first branch of revolutionary court in Shahriyar are under the supervision of Judge Barjesteh has issued a sentence for Milad Arsanjani, one of the arrested people during November 2019 protests who has been detained in type five of second prison ward of the second saloon in great Tehran prison to do his time of 7 years imprisonment. This sentence has been delivered to Milad in February 2020.

According to the reportage of Human Rights In Iran- on Thursday, January 30th 2020, Milad Arsanjani, born in 1982, one of those arrested in mid November protest rallies, followed by a hearing in Branch 1, Revolutionary Court in Shahriar county, headed by the Judge ” Barjasteh”, was trialed on the charges with ” community and collusion against the System “, and ” insulting the leadership ” that was totally sentenced to serve 7 years in prison. The sentence was communicated to him on Tuesday, 4th 2020, in Greater Tehran Prison. If the conviction is approved by the Court of Appeals and based on Article 134 of Islamic Penal Codes (Crimes aggrgation), 5 years of discretionary imprisonment will be exerted for him on the charge of community and collusion.

This sentence was delivered to him on January 4, 2020, in Great Tehran Prison. In the condition that this sentence is approved in appeal in court and in accordance with article 134 of Islamic criminal code indicating to do the maximum punishment, he has to do his time for five years in prison for the crime of gathering and participating in illegal demonstrations.

According to a source to human rights in Iran, This sentence was delivered to him on January 4, 2020, in type five of the second prison ward Of the second saloon in great Tehran prison and this political prisoner has appealed and is waiting for the decision of the appeal court.

Milad Arsanjani was arrested during November protest in Iran and the explanation of accusation to him was helping a protester who had been shot in his leg by Sarallah troops of IRGC and hiding him so after he was under arrest he was transferred to the prison ward 2A Which is dedicated to national security prisoners and was transferred to the current place after his interrogation finished and was in solidarity for a long time.

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