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Report on the Situation of Mehdi Farahi Shandiz, Political Prisoner in Karaj Central Prison


Human Rights In Iran- Friday March 27th 2020, Mehdi Faraahi Shandiz the political prisoner jailed in Ward 2 Corridor 6 of Central Prison of Karaj is serving his conviction on the charge of insulting the leadership. This political prisoner was detained on Monday January 2nd 2012, by Security Forces on the charge of Insulting the leadership, being under interrogation and since that time on regarding his other case in 2009, Mahdi Faraahi Shandiz is serving many Items of discretionary imprisonment accused of ” Insulting the leadership”. These accusations are filed against this politcal prisoner during his serving the convictions and repeating them in Evin Prison, Rajaee Shahr Prison in Karaj and also in Central Prison of Karaj.

According to the report of Human Rights In Iran- Friday March 27th 2020, Mehdi Faraahi Shandiz, political prisoner kept in Ward 2 Corridor 6 of Central Prison in Karaj who was detained for second time by Intelligence Agency Guards in 2011, following 9 cases on the charge of Insulting the leadership, Insulting the Authorities, Disrupting Public Order and Defamation, has been sentenced anew to serve in prison, and in addition has been deprived of other prisoners’ rights such as a leave of prison.

Quoted from a close source to him, while talking to the reporter of Human Rights in Iran it was said: ” Regarding his heart disease and the heart attack happening in the last summer, Mahdi Faraahi Shandiz is using some heart medicines and despite his urgent need for a leave of prison, the officials of Central Prison in Karaj refuse to send him out for a leave. Meanwhile it should be noted that he has not been sent to a leave since the year 2011.”

It should be mentioned that Mehdi Faraahi Shandiz was arrested for the first time by Security Guards on Friday May 1th 2009, during International Worker’s Day celebrations held in Laleh Park of Tehran. At the time of detainment, Security Guards searched his house and seized his belongings, personal items and his books. Then Mehdi Faraahi Shandiz was transferred to solitary confinement of Security unit in section 209 of Evin Prison. After the interrogation procedure and justification of his accusation this citizen was sentenced by Revolutionary Court of Tehran to serve 9 months in prison on the charge of ” Propaganda against the System”. On Sunday 31st January 2010, Mahdi Faraahi Shandiz finishing his imprisonment was released from Evin Prison.

Referring for times to Revolutionary Court to take back his distraint belongings (passport, ID card, National ID card, computer, …), when he had protested against their prohibition of bringing back to the mentioned Branch in the court, he was detained and moved back to solitary confinement of Security unit in section 209 of Intelligence Ministry in Evin Prison.

After the interrogation process and realisation of accusation on the charges of “Insulting the leadership” and “Disrupting the Public Order” he received his accusation by Interrogator of Branch 1 public prosecutor’s security office (Moghaddas prosecutor’s office) and during his hearing procedure, without the access to a defendant, Mahdi Faraahi Shandiz was sentenced by Branch 28 of Revolutionary Court, headed by “Mohammad Moghiseh” to serve 3 years in prison on the charge of Insulting the leadership, and receive 50 lashes.This sentence was exactly approved by the Court of Appeals in Tehran province. Because of the parole offered to political prisoners on occasion of Eid Al Fitr, this sentence was reduced to half.

While this political prisoner was serving his conviction in prison, because of that crime I.e. insulting the leadership, was accused again of this charge by Interrogator of Branch 5 public prosecutor’s Security office in Tehran. After the case of this political prisoner was referred to Branch 15 of Revolutionary Court, he was sentenced to 3 years of imprisonment which this conviction was approved exactly by the Court of Appeals in Tehran province. The granted parole to this political prisoner was lifted because of his first case in the verdict issued by Revolutionary Court in Tehran.

On Monday October 24th 2016, following a conflict with one of the officials in Rajaee Shahr Prison in Karaj and tearing (the leader) Ali Khamenei’s picture, Faraahi Shandiz was charged for the third time with insulting the leadership and after referring his case to Branch 1 of public prosecutor’s Security office, on Saturday January 21st 2017, after the interrogation procedure and delivering the case to Revolutionary Court of Karaj, he was given again a 3 year and 6 month prison sentence. The sentence was absolutely upheld by the Court of Appeals in Alborz province.

While serving his conviction in Rajaee Shahr Prison of Karaj, on Wednesday November 16th 2020, he was trialed for the fourth time by Branch 12 of public prosecutor’s office and Revolutionary Court in Karaj, on the charge of the fourth time of Insulting the leadership, receiving his accusation, after referring the case to Revolutionary Court of Karaj, he got a 3 year sentence in prison.

On Sunday 30th July 2017, followed by the accuse of tearing the leader’s picture, this political prisoner jailed in Rajaee Shahr Prison, newly received another conviction that that after referring the sentence to Revolutionary Court in Karaj Mahdi Faraahi Shandiz was sentenced to serve another 2 years in prison. This conviction was absolutely affirmed by the Court of Appeals in Alborz province.

Because of another case on the charge of ” Defamation” on Monday January 19th 2017, Mahdi Faraahi Shandiz received another accusation in Branch 7 public prosecutor’s office and Revolutionary Court in Karaj and after the case was rendered to Revolutionary Court in Karaj, this political prisoner was sentenced to serve 3 years and 6 months in prison which of course this conviction was upheld by the Court of Appeals in Alborz province

On Monday August 28th 2017, for another time Faraahi Shandiz was charged with ” Insulting the leadership” and ” insulting a Judicial Official ” by Branch 1 interrogation of public prosecutor’s office and Revolutionary Court in Karaj which on Monday December 11th 2017, was sentenced by Revolutionary Court in this province to 3 months and 1 day of Imprisonment.

This political prisoner poisoned in Ghezel Hesar (Read Fence) Prison of Karaj, the last time had chanted anti-regime protesting slogans at the night of Sunday February 10th 2019 (the night of regime’s victory in Revolution), that soon after he was beaten and transferred to solitary confinement.

Mahdi Faraahi Shandiz a graduate in Electrical Engineering, and the teacher of physics and mathematics in high schools of Tehran, during the years of being in prison and because of the torture exerted on him has gotten injuries in his sight, hearing and rib fractures. Followed by an assault that happened in Evin Prison in 2012 from because of the Interrogators, this politcal got a problem in his sight and a black spot in his right eye that caused him vision problem. Moreover in 2018 he had been beaten so vigorously by the then head of Rajaee Shahr Prison that led to his left ear some hard of hearing and the rib fractures.

In a sudden action on Thursday June 8th 2017, Mahdi Faraahi Shandiz was transferred from Rajaee Shahr Prison to Choobin Prison in Ghazvin  and again he was back to Karaj, spending one night at police station 11, and the next day was taken to Branch 7 implementation of sentences in Revolutionary Court of Karaj, headed by Judge Shahri.

Also this political prisoner suffers from diabetes but the prison officials refuse to dispatch him out to expert physician and to hospital. The facilities and the expert physician are limited in dispensary of the prison and they experience a substandard treatment.

Ghezel Hesar Prison, known as Central Penitentiary in Karaj is one of Iran prisons where political and conscience prisoners are serving their convictions. Considering it’s oldness, this prison needs fundamental repairs and improvement in it’s Wards, but as a result of poor management it has become isolated and unnecessary things that are important for Government are preferred. 

Political Prisoners in Iran are facing an expanded different collection of Human Rights violations.

On one hand their deprivations of the right to deserve a fair trial emphasized in Article 10 Universal Declaration of Human Rights and on another hand the prisoners’ infections by illnesses and the damages imposed on them are some instances of the reality that when they enter the prisons to serve their convictions, they are affected by many kinds of diseases.

Their restrictions on the accessibility to standard health care and cure in Iran’s prisons are as a mean of suppression and pressure caused by Judiciary officials during the justification of the culprits’ accusations, which all of these instances are conspicuous evident for violation of Article 5 Universal Declaration of Human Rights!

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