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Reza Eslami, a law professor of Shahid Beheshti University, was arrested by security forces


Human Rights in Iran – Friday, May 16, 2020, following an attack by intelligence agents on the workplace of Reza Eslami, a senior professor and faculty member at Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran, he was arrested and transferred to an unknown location. After Reza Eslami’s arrest, officers took him to his residence and confiscated some of his personal belongings after searching his home.

According to Human Rights in Iran, On Sunday, May 13, 2020, Reza Eslami, a university professor and faculty member at Shahid Beheshti University and a graduate of McGill University in Canada in 2001, was attacked by Ministry of Intelligence agents at his office at Shahid University. Beheshti was arrested after an investigation. After transferring Reza Eslami to his private home, officers searched the area and confiscated items such as a mobile phone, several books, laptops and university pamphlets that he used to teach at the university. The university professor was arrested for his human rights activities.

According to a source close to Reza Eslami, in an interview with Human Rights Reporter in Iran, while announcing this news, he said: He and his cell phone were confiscated along with his cell phone and then handcuffed to Reza Eslami and transferred to his home. After searching the house and confiscating the computer’s hard drive, several volumes of books and pamphlets were used by the university professor to teach. They confiscated the Kurdish and took it with them.

The source added: “Despite the fact that three days have passed since the arrest of this university professor and the visit of his family and his lawyer to the security prosecutor’s office, no response has been given to the reason for his arrest or charges.”

It should be noted that Reza Eslami holds a doctorate in law from McGill University in Canada and returned to Iran in 2001 after completing his university studies. He taught as an assistant professor and later as a senior professor of human rights at Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran. .

Reza Eslami is the author of many books, including books on public law, from power regulation to guaranteeing rights, rural women’s rights in the light of the Sustainable Development Goals, Principles and Fundamentals of International Commercial Law, Book VI, from law enforcement to the rule of law. , General Rights of International Trade Law in 2 volumes and whether human rights are mentioned. The latest book published by Dr. Reza Eslami is Haq Bar Shahr, which he co-authored with Frank Alizadegan.

According to Reza Eslami, the book Haq on the City, like his previous books, is merely the first step in the production of human rights literature, and its purpose has been to take a step towards publishing magnificent works.

The university professor believes that the Bar Associations are one of the most important social assets and a reference group in Iran that can play a great role in achieving justice, promoting rights and creating security and strengthening charity, and the judiciary should know when to limit a lawyer. It harms the justice and promotion of the rights and security of the country, because it undermines the authority of a social capital.

Human Rights in Iran has previously published audio files of Dr. Reza Eslami with the aim of raising awareness of civil rights.

Arrest of people without understanding the charges and the inability to access a lawyer for the accused are among the violations of international human rights instruments, Article 9 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Article 9 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights adopted on December 16, 1966.

Also, the enjoyment of the right to a fair trial is one of the inalienable rights enshrined in Article 10 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights .

In most cases, extrajudicial and arbitrary detentions are carried out with revelatory charges in order to suppress freedom of expression and opinion. In international human rights instruments, Article 19 of the Universal Declaration as well as Article 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights adopted on December 16, 1966 Failure to suppress individuals is based on freedom of expression and belief. According to the concept of the principle of freedom of expression, every human being has the right to publish his or her views, opinions and views in any way possible without border considerations and in any way possible.

Article 5 of the Criminal Procedure Cod states that the accused shall be informed of the charges and provide access to a lawyer as soon as possible. Other defense rights are enshrined in law, but extrajudicial actions by the security services violate the laws that they themselves drafted and claim to be enforced.

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