Tuesday, 24 November, 2020

” Sending Sepideh Farhan, political prisoner, jailed in Evin Prison, on a leave “


Human Rights in Iran – On Monday April 6th 2020, Sepideh Farah Abadi ” Farhan “, the civil activist jailed in the women’s ward in Evin Prison was sent on leave. This politcal prisoner is serving her 5 years prison sentence.
According to the Human Rights in Iran- On Monday April 6th 2020, Sepideh Farah Abadi ” Farhan “, the civil activist, prisoned in the women’s ward in Evin Prison who is serving her 5 year conviction in prison, was sent on a leave. This political prisoner’s leave has been granted due to the outbreak of corona virus.

According to the report- Sepideh Farah Abadi ” Farhan “, the civil activist has been sent on a leave whereas even after doposition of a bail on Wednesday March 18th 2020, she was however kept pending in the women’s ward in Evin Prison.

It should be noted that Sepideh Farah Abadi ” Farhan “, the civil activist residing in Tehran, on Wednesday January 11th 2020, was detained and transferred to Evin Prison by Security Forces in order to serve her prison sentenc. The civil activist was sentenced to 40 lashes and one year in prison on the charge of ” disrupting the public order by participating in Illegal gatherings ” and also to serve 5-year prison sentenc on the charge of ” Covenant and Conspiracy Against the Security of Country “. This sentence was absolutely affirmed by the Court of Appeals in Tehran province and after enforcing Article 134 of Islamic Penal Code, ” Sepideh Farah Abadi ” Farhan ” was sentenced to 5 years in prison because of ” Covenant and Conspiracy Against the Security of Country “.

On Monday August 26th 2019, Sepideh Farah Abadi ” Farhan “, the civil activist residing in Tehran was summoned after refusing to restore the proceedings on her case, which was previously condemned by branch 36 of the Court of Appeals in Tehran province to 6 years in prison and 74 lashes.

On Wednesday July 24th 2019, also branch 36 of the Court of Appeals in Tehran province, presided by Ahmad Zargar issued a verdict against Sepideh Farah Abadi ” Farhan “, after this civil activist had referred the mentioned branch.

Human Rights in Iran- On Friday January 26th 2018, by releasing a report of Sepideh Farah Abadi ” Farhan ” had given a description of her deprivation of access to a defendant during the interrogation process and lodging a case against her.

Sepideh Farah Abadi ” Farhan ” graduated in the field of architecture, during the protest rallies was arrested on Tuesday January 2nd 2018, by Security Forces and then was transferred to Evin Prison. In Security ward 209 she was interrogated by Intelligence Ministry and due to the completion of her case for referral to the Judicial authorities on Saturday February 17th 2018, she was released temporarily on a bail of 250 million Tomans until the end of proceedings.

The Security Forces began the arrest of protesting citizens on Tuesday September 23th 2020, and until the end of protests more than 3700 were arrested in Tehran and other cities.

During the nationwide protests on Saturday December 30th 2017, the students at University of Tehran and Amir Kabir ” Polytechnic “, joined the protesting population in Tehran, chanting slogans such as ” Fundamentalist! Reformist! … Now the story is OVER! “, ” The Student dies, Doesn’t accept Humiliation!”, ” O Student! O Worker! … Unity Unity!”.
Students of the dormitory, ” Tehran University alley ” also gathered on the night of Saturday December 30th 2017, chanting slogans each ” Work, Bread, Freedom ” for a few hours in the dormitory complex.

The suppression of civil activists and the imposition of restriction on their citizenship are some instances of Human Rights and Freedom of Speech violations that in International Instrument of Human Right, Article 19 Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Article 19 Internatiinal Covenant on Civil and Political Rights adopted on December 16th 1966, there is an emphasis on individuals freedom to release their thoughts and opinions regardless of any consideration for boundary limitations.

Also having the right of access to a fair trial is one of the inalienable rights accentuated in Article 10 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Holding protest rallies without weapon is one of the rights emphasized in Article 27 of Iran’s Constitution, that the regime claims on performing it. But the different behaviour and the arbitrary explanation of the approach by Security Organizations for their interests, against the restriction and suppression of the citizens creates the condidion for security.

In Article 5 of Criminal Procedure, one of the current laws in Criminal Courts that the political and security culprits are trialed on its basis, it is mentioned explicitly about informing the accused of their accusations and also it is emphasized on providing the reasons of charge, besides the defenses facilities for the accused in the process of their trial.

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