Monday, 26 October, 2020

Social network activist convicted to 35 years discretionary imprisonment


Human Rights in Iran – The Branch 1 in the Criminal Court,Yazd Province which was presided by “Mohammad Reza Malakouti” and the court clerk “Mahdi Mousavi Khansari,acquitted the death penalty of “Abaas Nouri Shadkam”,the Social Media and Telegram activist,resident of this Province.After his difense lawyer had offered his expanded difenses,Abbas Nouri Shadkam who is charged of “Insulting the Sacreds” was sentenced to 35 years of discretionary imprisonment.

According to the report of Human Rights in Iran-Today Sunday,  8 Sep 2019, Abbas Nouri Shadkam,Telegram activist,residing in Yazd,that was on the charge of “Insulting the Prophet,after his defense lawyer had offered his expanded defenses,in Branch 1 of the Criminal Court,Yazd Province,headed by Mohammad Reza Malakouti and the court clerk,was sentenced totally to 35 years in discretionary imprisonment on the charges of “Insulting the Islam Prophet”,”Insulting David Prophet”,Insulting Zahra, The Prophet’s daughter”,”Insulting Moses Prophet”,and also “Insulting Khadijeh,the Prophet’s wife”. Also he was sentenced to 2 years of compulsory living in Nik Shahr,Sittan and Balouchedtan Province.

The sentence was declared to this Telegram activist after the verification of Supreme Court. Abbas Nouri Shadkam, was present at the hearing with Mohammad Moghimi, as his lawyer to defended this citizen.

Quoted from an informed authority during a talk to the Human Rights Reporter in Iran: Based on a petition proceeding from Supreme Court in Iran,Abbas Mouri Shadkam,WhatsApp and Telegram activist,was sentenced to serve discretionary imprisonment on the charges of “7 years for insulting Islam Prophet”,”7 years for insulting David Prophet”,”7 years for insulting Zahra,Prophet’s daughter”,”7 years for insulting Moses Prophet”, and “7 years for insulting Khadijeh,Prophet’s wife”.
Moreover he was sentenced to compulsory living in Nik Shahr,Sistan and Balouchedtan Province.This Telegram activist was acuitted of his “Propaganda Against the System” charge.

Also the authority said: While the interrogation Abbas Nouri Shadkam was mentioned that he would be sentenced to death on his preliminary charge of “Insulting the Prophet”,but after the committing his case to the court and the defenses of this Telegram activist’s lawyer,he was acquitted of “insulting the Sacreds” and “Propagands Against the System”.

The judicial hearing was held in Branch 1,Criminal Court of Yazd Province.Then he was sentenced to 35 years of fiscretionary imprisonment.

The sentence was declared after the verification of Supreme Court,tegarding to the jurisdication of primitive court.

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