Thursday, 26 November, 2020

Towhid Ghoreyshi, Sunni Ideological prisoner convicted to prison


Human rights in Iran – The current day, Bench 28 of Revolutionary Court in Tehran that was managed by the judge,Mohammad Moghise, sentenced Towhid Ghoreyshi who is as a Sunnite Ideological prisoner in Rajai Shahr prison (Karaj), for 16 years of imprisonment,because of another judicial litigation.

According to the report of Human Rights In Iran, today on Wednesday,September 25,Towhid Ghoreyshi, the Sunnite citizen and the Ideological prisoner in Rajai Shahr prison,ward 7,corridor 24,who was already trialed by the Bench 28 of Revolutionary Court Tehran Court,which was directed by the judge Mohammad Moghise,on the charges of “Propagada Against The State”, and “Favouritism For Anti-Regime Parties”,was sentenced anew to 16 years of Discretionary Imprisonment. Tohid Qureshi was present at the hearing with Mohammad Moghimi, as his lawyer to defended this Sunni citizen.

The sentence was declared to this Sunnite citizen by the above-mentioned Division of the Court.

Also the court of cassation about Towhid Ghoreyshi’s judicial case was held at the mentioned Division of the Court.

If the performance of the Article 134 of Islamic Panal Code is approved,the maximum punishment of 10 years of Discretionary Imprisonment will be on this citizen.

Based on the reports of a well-informed source,while he was speaking to the Human Rights Reporter in Iran,s/he said:
“Today Wednesday,September 25 (1398/07/03),the Division 28 of Enghelab-e-Tehran Court,which was managed by the judge,Mohammad Moghise,the judge sentenced Towhid Ghoreyshi,the Sunnite Ideological prisoner in Rajai Shar prison (Karaj) who was complained by The Ministry of Information on the charges of “Propaganda against the State=1-year imprisonment”,”Action against the National Security=10-years imprisonment” and “Favouritism for anti-regime Parties=5-years imprisonment”.

It should be noted that the Court Hearing about the case of Towhid Ghoreyshi,the Sunnite citizen and the Ideological prisoner in Rajai Shahr (Karaj) prison,ward 7,corridor 21,was held in (1398/05/07) by the judge Mohammad Moghise in the department of Bench 28 of Enghelab-e-Tehran Court.
During the Court of Hearing about Towhid Ghoreyshi’s case which was held in the current year,while Towhid Ghoreyshi was offering his statemens on his charges of “Collussion and Assembly with anti-regime Parties” and “Propaganda against the State”, Mohammad Moghise interrupted him and threatened this Sunnite prisoner and deviated him not to concentrate on his statements. 

The suppression of the religion believers and strict restrictions such as:the lack of the right(s) to choose a lawyer and the lack of a fair judgement are some few instances of cases on these religious minorities and Sunnite citizens in Iran.
By virtue of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,Article 2 and also according to the Law of Criminal Procedure Act,Article 5,there is an emphasis on the right of each person for their complete Court Hearing and imperial judgement and the permission of the presence of culprit’s lawyer of each case.

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