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Zeinab Jalalian, the political prisoner was transferred to the quarantine ward of Qarchak Prison


Human Rights in Iran _ Zeinab Jalalian, the political prisoner incarcerated in Khoy Prison, was transferred to the quarantine ward of Qarchak Prison in Varamin on Saturday, May 2nd 2020. This political prisoner was transferred on April 27th (2020) to an unknown location without any prior notice. She was sentenced to death on charge of membership in Kurdistan anti-regime Parties, which was commuted to life Imprisonment after being upheld by the Supreme Court.

According to Human Rights in Iran, Zeinab Jalalian, the political prisoner who has been suddenly transferred on April 27th (2020) to an unknown location, was taken to the quarantine ward of Qarchak Prison in Varamin. This political prisoner was sentenced to death in 2007 on charge of Muharebeh (enmity against God), which was commuted to a reduced life Imprisonment after being upheld by the country’s Supreme Court and the pardon of the leader. She is serving her 13th year in prison. Zeinab Jalalian is one of the political prisoners deprived of the right to medical treatment, and during this time she is denied the medical services and temporary leave.

According to a source close to Zeinab Jalalian, in a interview with the reporter of Human Rights in Iran, said: ” After being transferred from Khoy Prison to Central Prison in Urmia, Zeinab Jalalian was take to Dizel Abad Prison in Kermanshah. During a contact with her family in the current day, she informed them of her transfer to Tehran and the quarantine ward of Qarchak Prison in Varamin.

Zeinab Jalalian, born in 1982, a native of the village of Dim Qeshlah in Maku province (West Azerbaijan, northwest Iran), the political prisoner, incarcerated in Khoy Prison, was transferred without any prior notice to an unknown location on April 29th 2020 by security agents. The officials of Khoy Prison had told the family of Zeinab Jalalian of the probability of opening a new case against this political prisoner.

Zeinab Jalalian, the political prisoner is serving her life sentence in a situation that she has been denied the right to leave and to be dispatched to medical centers. In 2019, when the officials of prisons organization had gone to Khoy Prison, during the visit of women’s ward, Zeinab Jalalian had requested them for the temporary leave and the permission to be dispatched to a medical center, however she was responded that she would be deprived of all her rights up to the time of expressing the regret of her crimes in writing.

Prisoners of conscience and political prisoners in the Islamic Republic Prisons are struggling with a wide range of violations of human rights. On the one hand, their deprivation of the right to a fair trial, emphasized in article 10 UDHR, and on the other hand, various diseases and physical injuries and their lack of civil rights in the treatment of physical illnesses and injuries. People have been suffering from these diseases since they were imprisoned, but judicial and security officials in Islamic Republic Prisons use this as a lever to understand the views or accusations against individuals, which violates article 5. It is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Individuals have the right to access a fair trial by an impartial tribunal, as enshrined in international human rights instruments, as well as article 10 of the UDHR and article 14 of ICCPR.

Article 5 of the Criminal Procedure Code stipulates that the accused shall be informed of the charges and provide access to a lawyer as soon as possible. Other defensive rights are mentioned in law, but extrajudicial actions taken by the security services violate the laws that they themselves drafted and claim to be enforced.

Following many attempts by the family, lawyers and Human Rights activists to overturn the death sentence of Zeinab Jalalian, in November 2011, her death sentence was commuted to life Imprisonment with the pardon of Ali Khamenei (the leader). After the agreement of the Prosecutor’s Office and the Ministry of Intelligence, this politcal prisoner was transferred from Dizel Abad Prison in Kermanshah to Khoy Prison so that her family would not have to travel a long distance from Maku to Kermanshah for each in-prison visit.

On December 3rd 2008, Zeinab Jalalian was sentenced to death by branch 1 of the Revolutionary Court in Kermanshah, presided over judge Moradi, on the charges of membership in PJAC (The Kurdistan Free Life Party) and armed actions against the Islamic Republic of Iran. After an objection, the verdict was referred to branch 4 of the Court of Appeals in Kermanshah, which it was upheld there. Also after referring the case to the country’s Supreme Court in the winter of 2010, it was confirmed. In the March of 2010, this political prisoner was unexpectedly moved from Kermanshah prison to ward 209 in Evin Prison and after spending 5 months in solitary confinement for interrogations, she was again moved back to Dizel Abad Prison in Kermanshah.

Zeinab Jalalian was arrested in March 2008 by the Intelligence Office forces in Kermanshah, and after spending a 3-month of uncertainty in the detention of News Agency of Ministry of Intelligence in Kermanshah, she was convinced of membership in PJAC. After the interrogation and investigation process, she was transferred to Correction and Rehabilitation Center in Kermanshah.

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