Human Rights in Iran – is a non-governmental and non-political organization focused on exposing international human rights documents, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, International Covenants and other conventions, seeking to expose human rights abuses in Iran.

This group, founded by independent human rights activists, began operating in August 2015.

Passionate social movements in Iran, including women’s, students’, and workers’ movements, are bravely operating in a non-democratic and undemocratic environment and under intense pressure by the security system. Human rights activists in Iran welcome and urgently need international solidarity and attention, and these activities need to be strengthened and empowered to be able to support the international civil society and intergovernmental institutions more effectively.

Human Rights in Iran has been working with human rights activists and civil activists inside Iran to expose human rights abuses in Iran through news such as executions, and the practice of cruel punishments such as amputation. It also reveals the status of political prisoners and those imprisoned for their beliefs in Iran. Iran’s prisons reflect violations of freedom of speech and deprivation of citizenship rights, as well as deprivation of fair trial for the citizens and hens, we attempt to draw attention to public opinion and international human rights organizations on the issue of systematic human rights violations and widespread repression of citizens in Iran.

This group only reports based on the voluntary sources inside and outside Iran focusing on the repression of civil liberties and violations of basic human rights in Iran by the Islamic Republic.

It also reflects news of the situation of political prisoners and civil activists and human rights activists who are taking a big risk to receive resources from inside prisons. These activists do not have any special support or facilities, and are only motivated by the desire to make Iran free from torture and executions and other human rights abuses where awareness and justice are at their proper place.

As illustrated by the activities in this website, this is a step forward in the field of civil battle with the aim of raising awareness and justice in Iran.

Human Rights in Iran
A Move towards Awareness and Justice in Iran