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Central Prison of Sanandaj: The transferring of a prisoner accused of murder to solitary confinement for execution sentence


Human Rights in Iran – Tuesday, April 21st 2020, Ahmad Abdullahpour, a prisoner jailed in the Central Prison of Sanandaj, was transferred to solitary confinement for execution. After the detainment by security forces, during the interrogation process, this prisoner was sentenced to death and after the referring of the case to the Supreme Court, it was confirmed.

According to Human Rights quoted from the Kurdistan Democracy and Human Rights Center, on Tuesday, April 21st 2020, Ahmad Abdullahpour, a prisoner accused of premeditated murder, kept in Central Prison of Sanandaj, was transferred to the solitary confinement for execution.

According to this report, Ahmad Abdullahpour’s accusation is premeditated murder. After the interrogation and prosecution proceedings, this prisoner was sentenced to death, and after referring his case to the Supreme Court, it was confirmed.

Based on the annual report of International Amnesty in 2019, the Iranian regime executed at least 251 persons, which 4 of them were under 18 at the time of crime. However due to the lack of clarity between the authorities, it is difficult to find the actual number of executions in this country and the number many be much higher than what is announced.

According to the International Instrument of Human Rights and also Article 5 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, no one should be behaved in a manner that leads to their loss of respect and to their humiliation.

According to statistics released by Human Rights Defender Organizations, Iran is one of the countries with the highest number of executions, and after China it has the highest annual executions.

On February 18th 2020, Amnesty International released a report, describing Human Rights violation in Iran, and in a part of this report, about the death sentences declared: ” The execution sentence is still considered for the actions that are permitted according to Human International Codes. Actions including same-sex sexual intercourse with reciprocal consent and extra-marital sex. The issuance of death sentence for crimes such as ” Insulting the Prophet of Islam ” and ” Enmity ( Moharebeh ) against God” and ” Corruption on the earth ” are subjects with a very vague definitions

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