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Soheil Arabi, Political prisoner Transferd to IRGC’s ward 1-A


Human Rights in Iran- Thursday April 23rd 2020, Soheil Arabi, political prisoner incarcerated in brigade 5 z ward 3 of Greater Tehran Penitentiary, was transferred for the third time during the recent weeks to IRGC’S 1-A detention center in Tehran’s Afsariyeh for investigation. This prisoner is serving his 11 years sentence in prison.

According to Human Rights in Iran, Soheil Arabi, political prisoner, jailed in brigade 5, ward 3 of Greater Tehran Penitentiary, was transferred to IRGC’S 1-A detention center of Sarallah Garrison for investigation. Prior to this, on April 12th he was also taken to this detention center in the area of Tehran’s Afsariyeh because of releasing news about his situation and hunger strike. Soheil Arabi was investigated and threatened there.

Speaking to the reporter of Human Rights in Iran, an informed source said: ” On Wednesday when Soheil Arabi’s mother had gone to ” Moghaddas ” Security Prosecutor’s Office, during the talks with Mohammad Mahdi Borra’eh, the judge in branch 1 of this Criminal Court, he had informed Soheil’s mother of a new charge related to ” weapon “. This political prisoner’s mother was not informed of further explanations. “

This informed credible continued: ” On Tuesday evening, Soheil Arabi was transferred for the third time to IRGC’S 1-A ward for investigation and completion of his case, and the whereabouts of this political prisoner is unknown up to now “.

It should be mentioned that Soheil Arabi, the political prisoner, incarcerated in brigade 5 of Greater Tehran Prison, on Sunday April 12th 2020, on 11th day of his hunger strike, was transferred by officers of IRGC ( Surallah ) base to one of detentions of this Security Organization in Tehran, under the pretext of being sent to hospital, and after being injected some sedatives, he was transferred to the secret detention of this Security Organization in the area of Niayesh Highway in Tehran and had been under interrogation and threatening for 24 hours by the Interrogators of IRGC ( Surallah ) base. Yesterday, Soheil Arabi was taken back to Greater Tehran Prison, but today he has been transferred again to detention 1-A of this Security Organization in Tehran’s Afsariyeh area.

The issue of arbitrary detainment of persons without the justification of their charges, and the culprits’ inaccessibility to a lawyer is a case of violations of Principles noted in International Instrument of Human Rights, Article 9 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and Article 9 of International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights adopted on December 16th 1966. But judicial and security officials in prisons use these deprivations and inaccessibilities as a mean to repress the individuals because of their forced accusations, that this kind of behavior is a violation of Article 5 in Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Ebrahim Raeesi, the head of Judiciary, on Sunday November 3rd 2019, with his presence at the meeting of Human Rights Supreme Council in Islamic Republic of Iran which was held in attendance of Ali Shamkhani and Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ezhei, two of senior members in the Judiciary and in the Supreme National Security Counci of IRI, mentioned that the Islamic Republic of Iran under the title of a government that is structurally rooted in accordance with Human Rights Principles.

Also All Khamenei, Islamic Republic leader, in his talks has acclaimed for times that NO citizen in Iran is being prosecuted for their criticism, however the compulsory and ruthlessly suppression and the expanse of security condition and atmosphere is Iran unveils the obvious fact and accentuates the point that the governmental rulers in Iran are the big staff of sophistry, casuistry and arbitrary interpretation.

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