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Eleven executives of a Instagram page arrested in Marvdasht by security forces


Human Rights in Iran – Today Thursday, January 17th, 2020, Security forces in Marvdasht city arrested at least 11 media activists who were Instagram operators and were taken to an unknown location.

According to Human Rights in Iran quoting ISNA, Today Thursday January 17th, At least 11 Media activists residing in Marvdasht city of Fars province, That’s managed an Instagram page by the name “marvdashtbartar”, Security forces raid their homes after searching home and Confiscation of personal belongings Such as mobile phones and laptop, Then they were arrested on charges of “spreading lies” and “insulting officials” and “disturbing public opinion” and were transferred to an unknown location. 

According to Ismail Zaraatian, the commander of the police in Marvdasht: “Eleven people were arrested on the Instagram page for spreading lies, disturbing public opinion and insulting officials, creating a climate of skepticism towards some of the city’s authorities.”

Zaraatian also claimed reasons for the arrest of the eleven media activists: “This Instagram page called “marvdashtbartar” It was active since first of 2018 and The activity was critical of the authorities’ actions. 

The suppression of media activists and the expression of security allegations against such citizens are Human rights abuses in the pursuit of suppressing freedom of expression and belief in Iran, and in international human rights instruments under Article Two of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Article 19 of the Declaration. The Universal Declaration, as well as Article 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, of 16 December 1966, is also affirmed.

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