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The letter of Mohammad Saber Malek Raeesi, political prisoner in Ardabil Prison


Human Rights in Iran- on Friday April 3rd 2020, Mohammad Saber Malek Raeesi, the political prisoner who has been exiled to section 7 of Ardabil Central Prison to serve his conviction, protested in an open letter against Ebrahim Raeesi, the head of Judiciary, because of many number of political prisoners deprivation of leave right during the widespread of corona virus in Iran prisons. Political prisoners jailed in Iran prisons are deprived of accessibility to health care essentials and disinfectants to fight against corona virus.

According to the reportage of Human Rights in Iran- On Friday April 3rd 2020, Mohammad Saber Malek Raeesi, political prisoner, citizen of Zahedan, jailed in section 7 of Ardabil Central Prison, who is exiled to this prison and is serving his conviction, in his open letter protested against Ebrahim Raeesi due to the political prisoners deprivation of the leave right in the time of corona virus outbreak.

This political prisoner has written in a part of the letter: ” I am a prisoner sentenced to 15 years in prison and I am serving the 11th year of this determined punishment. Now should I die here and is breathing forbidden for me?! Is the prosecutor who pretends to be on behalf of the public in a position to commit aggression and violence on me?! Is he allowed to issue a verdict on my murder? Isn’t here a question obsessing the mind that he has the intention to take my life and prisoners like me under the pretext of corona virus infection?”

The text of Mohammad Saber Malek Raeesi’s open letter is at Human Rights in Iran disposal that follows below:

Greetings and best regards to Your Eminence Mr. Raeesi!

This is Mohammad Saber Malek Raeesi, son of Dad Ali, arrested and sentenced to 15 years in prison on the charge of Action against National Security of the country. I have been in prison and exile when I was 17 since Thursday 24th 2009. I bring to your attention that from the time you have been appointed as the head of Judiciary, meantime your talks you have pointed for times at Justice and human dignity and also you have emphasized that all the legislators and administrators of justice perform this item cautiously and precisely, on the other hand you have chosen the slogan of justice and reverence of clients (citizens) as the basis and the title of your services. If in fact these mentioned items are true and not deceptive and if you believe in your words, then you act justly and fairly on the things I mention below:

First: Regarding the spread of corona virus, in order to avoid the infection of prisoners who are kept in public places of prisons, take the necessary actions by judicial system for prisoners’ release or leave. On Sunday March 29th 2020, when Mr. Tabatabaee, prosecuting attorney in Ardabil, and a companion of the judges and officials of prisons organization had come for an observation to our section in Central Prison of Ardabil, I made an oral request for a leave. I informed Me. Tabatabaee the the day before I had delivered my request in writing to the prison, but in reply he asked only of my offense, and being aware that my crime was Action against National Security, then in the presence of all other officials of prisons organization, the judges of the province, and near the other prisoners in my section he shouted indignantly at me saying: ” It’s forbidden to breathe for a person who has acted against National Security”, then without any word they went out of there.

While I was the second person who stated his demand, and it is noticeable to know that the answer and reaction was the same for the first prisoner who had expressed his request. It seems that they had come there firstly to capture some pictures of their attendance in prison, and secondly to issue implicitly the sentence of my death and other prisoners like me. Mr. Raeesi! Now there exists a question here: Is this the same justice you spoke of? Is this the same human dignity and the prisoner’s right and respecting the citizens that you claimed of it on National Medias?!

I am a prisoner, sentenced to 15 years in prison, serving the 11th year of my determined verdict. Now should I die and is breathing forbidden for me. Is a prosecuting attorney who acclaims himself to be on behalf of public in a position to have the authority to abuse and violate me? Is he permitted to put forth the decree (fatwa( of my murder? Is not here any question set forth that an evil intent is organized against me and those prisoners like me to be murdered on false pretense of corona virus infection?

It should be remarked that the behavior of Mr. Tabatabaee is in contrast with Principle 39 of the country’s Constitution. In Principle 39 of Constitution, it is explicitly mentioned that any kind of desecration of some one who is arrested, imprisoned or exiled by the law is forbidden and causes prosecution. Now referring to Principle 2 Clause C (3) of country’s Constitution, denial of any kind of oppression and tyranny and domination, justice, And so forth, also Principle 3 Clause 6, omitting any kind of tyranny, authoritarianism and monopolization is expected and also on the basis of Clause 14 that is multilateral providing of s fair judicial security and equality of each individual before the law, you are expected to fulfill the required actions for adjudication of prisoners’ rights.

Second: Your Excellency Mr. Raeesi! When I was 17, studying grade 2 in high school, I was detained and strictly tortured physically and mentally by the forces of Intelligence Office. Under pressure of torture I was dictated to make forced and false confessions in order to file case against me. I was kept in penitentiary of Intelligence Office in Zahedan for 21 months. I daresay and swear to tell the truth that during those 21 months on average I was beaten once a week by Forces. The beatings was done for the reason of taking confessions against myself, frightening newly arrested persons or for the fun of Forces in the penitentiary. The tortures that they did on me, were of different kinds that the worst of them which was brutally and unbearable was named The Bed of Miracle that in real it worked miracle. I was fastened to that bed for two times to make forced confessions, and five or six times in order to lodge case against me or put my family under pressure so that my family force my brother who was acting against the Regime outside the country, be back to the country to surrender himself. Always before my calling to the family, or meeting them in prison, I was threatened to convince my family to insist my brother upon returning to country. Even Sometimes before my call to the family, I was really assaulted in order to talk to them sobbing dolefully, to cause them be anxious for my situation to keep on insisting on my brother’s return.

But all these actions were in vain, because my brother at all is contrast with my family and he doesn’t pay attention to the talks of family. Meanwhile Your Excellency Mr. Raeesi! I have been serving for years in a grievous condition, with no rights, no facilities, no consideration and even sometimes I receive ordered beatings. My family and I have been in letter writing for times about this issue to the governmental officials such as leadership, president and the head of Judiciary, but unfortunately there has been any effect. Because of revealing the existing current situation, I am accused of propaganda against the System, although there are persons who do the same action in contrast with the rules under the flag and the name of regime. I have not done any illegal action, except beyond my abused rights, my wasted youth and my family’s life. Deserving no source and authority to release my letter(s), I have to send it to social medias to be released. Is it possible for me to write and send my letter to you through the prosecutor who considers my life as forbidden (haraam), or through the officials in prison who I have been beaten by them for times?

Now I expect Your Excellency to investigate the matter and to take the required actions fairly and justly so that my family and I can be get rid of 15 years of misery, torture and this situation.

Thanks a lot!

Mohammad Saber Malek Raeesi/Friday April 3rd 2020/Central Prison in Ardabil

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